About Lyla


Career and Education

Design fascinates me because of the silent (and sometimes not so silent) role it plays in everyday life. Yours, mine, everyone's. Architecture and design has the ability to do much more than provide for our basic physical needs, but for our emotional, social, political, and environmental demands. Seeing design through this lens gives us another understanding that is often overlooked. 

I received my Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan and my undergraduate degree in in Interior Design from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. My love for design has guided many life decisions including international travels, exploration of humanitarian design, and my innate aspiration to  m a k e  a  d i f f e r e n c e


Research Publications

Dimensions Vol. 28 (2015)

Glitchscape Vol.1 (2013)

Manufactured Destruction, Vol.2 (2014)

Greetings from Gibraltar (2013)



Travelling and experiencing other cultures is a passion of mine. I am also actively involved in Big Brother Big Sister Organization. 





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